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Reading Tea Leaves



Reading tea leaves is also known as Tasseography. 


Reading tea leaves is a form of divination which relies on the psychic's ability to interpret the different symbols and patterns created by loose tea leaves or coffee grounds in a cup.

To read someone's tea leaves, you must prepare a cup of tea with loose tea leaves. A small, white cup with no designs or patterns on the inside walls is ideal. Have the querant drink the tea, leaving a minute amount of liquid in the bottom of the cup, as well as some tea leaves. Holding the cup in the left hand, he or she should slowly swirl the contents of the cup around three times clockwise. Try to make sure that the leaves are moved towards the rim of the tea cup. Then the querant should place the cup upside down on the saucer, holding it there for 7 seconds while letting the fluids drain. When the tea cup is placed right side up again, the handle should be facing the reader while he or she interprets the symbols and images.

Many leaves point to a full life. Lots of specific images symbolize many important issues in the person's life. Contradicting images imply indecision in the person's mind. The larger images are the more important issues in the person's life. Objects on the left of the handle may denote the past and objects to the right may be in the future. It is commonly believed that symbols near the rim of the tea cup refer to the present or the near future, while those towards the bottom of the cup are seen as the past. Sometimes the top of the cup is seen as lucky and the bottom is seen as unlucky.

These are only guidelines to help you get started. A genuine reading is dependent on the readers interpretation, not the guidelines that are most commonly followed.

Here is a list of the traditional (but not necessarily fixed) meanings of some symbols you may see.

acorn---at the top, success and gain; at the bottom, good health
aircraft---journey; if broken, danger of an accidnet; can mean a rise in position
anchor---rest, stability, constancy; clouded, inconstancy
axe---difficulties; near the top, overcome
baby---small worries
bag---a trap; if open, escape
ball---variable fortunes
bell---unexpected news; good if near the top
birds---good news
boat---visit from a friend, protection
book---open, good news; closed, a need to investigate something
bush---new friends or opportunities; something growing in life
cabbage---jealousy; with dots, at work
candle---help from others
cap---trouble, take care
cat---deceit, a false friend
chain---engagement, a wedding
chair---a guest
cigar---new friends
circle---success, completion; with a dot, a baby
clock---better health
clouds---trouble; with dots, many problems
coin---money coming
comb---an enemy
cross---suffering, sacrifice
dagger---danger from self or others, beware of recklessness
dish---trouble at home
dog---good friend; if at bottom, friend needs help
door---odd event
duck---money coming
egg---good omen
elephant---wisdom and strength
envelope---good news
face---achange, may be a setback
feather---lack of concentration
fence---limitations, minor setbacks, not permanent
finger---emphasizes whatever sign it points at
fire---achievement, especially artistic; danger of haste
fish---good fortune
fly---domestic annoyance
fork---false flattery
forked line---decision
gate---opportunity, future success
glow---a challenge
goat---be careful of enemies
gun---quarrels, anger
hammer---hard work needed
hand---if open, friendship; if closed, an argument
harp---love, harmony
hat---improvement, especially a new job
heart---love, pleasure, trust
horse---if galloping, good news; if head only, a lover
horseshoe---good luck
hourglass---need to decide something
insect---problems are minor and easily ovecome
kangaroo---harmony at home
kettle---any illness is minor
kite---wishes coming true
knife---broken friendship
ladder ---promotion, a rise in life
lamp---at top, a feast; at side, secrets revealed; at bottom, a feast or a party postponed
leaf---good fortune, new life
letter ---news
lines---straight, progress; wavy, uncertain path
lion---influential friends
loop---avoid impulsive action
man---near handle, a visitor; clear and distinct, a dark person; vague, a light colored person
mask---excitement; insecurity
mountain---great goals, but also difficulties
mushroom---at top, journey or move to the country; near bottom, rapid growth, but if reversed, frustration
nail---injustices, unfairness
necklace---complete, admirers; broken, danger of losing a lover
needle---recognition, admiration
oak---health, long life
owl---gossip, scandal
palm tree---success, honor
parasol---new lover
parrot---a journey, but also people talking
pig---prosperity, possibly greed
purse---at top, profit; at bottom, loss
question mark---need for caution
rabbit---need for bravery
rake---watch details
raven---bad news
ring---at top, marriage or an offer of marriage; at bottom, long engagement; if broken, engagement is broken off
scale---legal issues; if balanced a just result; if unbalanced, unjust
scissors---quarrels, possibly separation
sheep---good fortune
shell---good news
shelter---danger of loss or ill health
ship---worthwhile journey
shoe---change for the better
snake---an enemy, but also wisdom
spider---reward for work
star---health and happiness, hope
sun---happiness, success, power
table---social gathering
thimble---changes at home
tortoise---criticism, usually beneficial
triangle---something unexpected
urn---wealth and happiness
vase---a friend that needs help
volcano---harmful emotions
wagon---a wedding
wasp---romantic problems
wheel---if complete, good fortune; if broken, disappointments
zebra---adventure, especially overseas

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