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Tea Flavors


Black Tea: Is full bodied; the darkest liquor and most robust of all teas. I feel this is your basic staple of teas. 9 times out of 10, this is the one just about every one has.

Green Tea: A light tea; having a gentler flavor. Most produce a greenish-gold liquor. If you usually drink black tea, itís usually an acquired taste. Second to black tea, this is a very common commodity in many households. Green Tea has many health benefits.

Oolong Tea: Are known for their aromatic fruity taste. Has an intense floral aroma and a remarkable peachy flavor. Colors range from a pale jade green, to pink, to deep gold. Itís caffeine content is between black and green tea.

White Tea: The most delicate of all teas. Known for its natural sweetness and subtlety. Produces low amounts of caffeine.

Tisanes or Herbal Teas: Come in many different flavors due to the fact that they are not true teas and do not contain the Camellia Sinensis plant. They are an infusion of dried herbs and fruits. They are naturally caffeine free.

Puerh Tea: A very strong, deep and rich flavor with no bitterness.

Popular Flavors

Earl Gray: Itís a black tea, a well known British Blend, Itís scented with the incredibly rich oil of Bergomot. (Bergomot is an unpalatable citrus fruit shaped like a pear. The oil is pressed out of itís rind and sprayed on a blend of black teas.) This does not make the tea taste bitter. It has a wonderful aroma that is hard to resist!

Darjeeling: From the Darjeeling region of India, it is the most sought after black tea. It has a subtle sweet and fruity taste. Highly aromatic with hints of almonds and wild flowers. Full bodied. A true delicacy!

Lemongrass: A organic herbal infusion. With a bright lemony liquor. Its aromatic and refreshing. This is wonderful as iced tea on a hot summers day. So refreshing!

Chamomile: A honey sweet infusion. It is light in color. Relaxes, sooths the tummy and strengthens the immune system.

English Breakfast: Some English Breakfast blends are blends of India and Ceylon teas

Irish Breakfast: Mostly Assan tea and very strong.

Tropical Tea: A green tea with a tropical fruit blend. Sweet and smooth. A wonderful retreat for a summer time tea!

Jasmine Tea: A green tea scented with jasmine flowers.

Spearmint Tea: Blend of green tea and spearmint leaves. Light and refreshing. Very aromatic. They say mint helps with concentration!

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