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About Me

I'm so glad you've stopped by!
I'm a tea room owner wanna be - and in being that am working diligently on opening a storefront.  I'm 50 something, divorced, no kids and work a full-time job.  I live with a nice man whose children have welcomed me into their lives and become the family I didn't have. 
I've always loved to entertain - to dress up my home and serve delicious foods to family and friends.  I love to serve people and enjoy seeing those I serve enjoying what I've prepared.  
My dream is to spend the majority of my day in a beautiful and relaxing location entertaining people . . . serving carefully prepared and different foods and offering lovely gift items.  But until that time comes I spend my spare time working on offering as much as I can through this site, and building my plan to open the doors to my tearoom when I can say "Welcome - please come in, sit and stay awhile and enjoy a cup of tea with us!"   
I love to hear from anyone who is interested in these same things that I am.  I've accumulated numerous blog links to sites that host delectable ideas for home decorating, tea party ideas, tablescapes, recipes and gardening.  See the "My Blog" page for access or click the link on the left navigation pane.  And check out my page with weblinks that I've come across as well.  So many ideas.  So many creative and delightful women. 
Thanks for visiting and I look forward to serving you!

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